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John Bright

Graphic Design, Photographer & Web Designer


I started out in the photography industry modeling for a fashion photographer back in 2010. It didn't take me long to fall in love with taking pictures myself. I add photography as a minor while in college and as before I graduated, I started a wedding photography business called jxbphotography.

Over the years, I explored other types of photography. I then narrowed my focus to portrait, fashion and wedding photography. My style of photography can be described as:

  • Modern meets vintage - I love clean symmetry, and straight lines. I grew up in the 90's and some of the great artists and musicians of that era inspire me.
  • Bright and colorful - I love color, I'm not afraid to boost the saturation or vibrance on the right photo.
  • Dark/Low Light - I love sunset, best time in my opinion to shoot.

Graphic Design

I grew up in Nigeria as an artistic kid with good drawing skills. I also did love science, so art was more hobby than career path. I moved to the US in 2008 and I was enrolled in college to be a Medical Doctor.

I took some art classes and I couldn't resist my true calling, I switch my major to Graphic design and graduated in 2013. Since graduating, I worked for a couple creative and marketing agencies and most recently I worked for Tech company's marketing HQ. During this time, I gained lots of experience designing everything from marketing materials, branding, print design, exhibition design and much more. I'm bringing all those years of experience and expertise to Bright Studios.

Web Design

One of the first jobs I got out of college was working for a creative agency that specialized in mobile web design. This was in early 2014 when mobile web design wasn't a must have. Working their jump started my career path in web design.

The next places I would work at, also had me designing for web. At one agency, I helped rebrand the company with a new logo and identity system, I then redesigned their website as well. As my career grew, I learnt responsive web design, user interface design, user experience and learnt a couple CMS, sales and marketing tools.

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